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Jannik Wiedenhaupt

MSc. in Data Science, Columbia University.


Data Scientist, Consultant, and curious about Climate Tech and generative AI


About Me.

I'm an interdisciplinary data scientist working at the intersection of business, technology, and AI. 

My passion is to build a sustainable economy that can continuously reduce the required resources. I developed transformers to understand landcover, built a tool to make climate science more accessible, and researched the drivers and components of businesses.


I currently work at QuantumBlack, a machine learning consultancy. My work combines solving complex business problems, developing deep neural networks, and implementing large-scale data infrastructures.

I studied Management and Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich to learn about solving technical business problems and entrepreneurship. Afterward, I completed an MS in Data Science with a focus on deep learning at Columbia University to solidify my technical understanding and drive technological products forward myself.





M.Sc. Data Science
Columbia University

Master's degree to specialize in statistical modeling, deep learning, and data management. Research on using deep learning to predict cardiac risk at Prof. Sam Sia's lab

Specialization: Deep Learning

Achievements: EGSC Scholarship, PDL Fellowship, Effective Altruism Fellowship


B.Sc. Management and Technology
Technical University of Munich

Bachelor's degree focusing on the intersection of management functions and technical challenges. 

Specialization: Computer Science

Achievements: Dean's List, Top 5%,  German Academic Scholarship, TUMfast Scholarship, Think Digital Fellowship


M.Hns. Technology Management Center for Digital Technology and Management

Joint Degree from LMU and TUM and part of the Bavarian Elite Network and known as the leading entrepreneurial education program in Germany.

Specialization: Product Management and Web Development

Achievements: Member of CDTM Climate Club


Semester Abroad
University of New South Wales

Semester abroad to take classes on Database Systems, Trading, Marketing Analytics and Big Data.

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